We have two types of individuals here.  One is really taking care of himself, doing everything possible to lead a healthy and productive life.  The other individual has some rather unhealthy habits, which is resulting in some unwelcome side effects.  The truth is healthy habits do lead to a better all-around existence.

When writing this post, I really have concerns about our society in general when it comes to being healthy & fit.  Especially with fast food apparent on almost every block in many areas, it is so easy to settle for lackluster, bad quality food simply because it is cheap and so accessible.  To compound this problem, we are now leading more busier lives than ever and being fit and going to the gym just isn’t as important as it should be.  Then to top it off, people are spending their evenings and free time in front of the computer & television sets.  These lifestyle habits lead to disease such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and the list goes on and on.  Isn’t it now easy to see how we are so unhealthy & just being a bad example for those around us?


In living the day to day life we often put health in the rearview mirror.  This is the biggest mistake, and there are dire consequences for not paying attention to your health.  I was once a prime example of not leading an active lifestyle.  Constant tiredness & laziness was often my mood.  I had excess weight, and it slowed me down physically, mentally & emotionally.  Then the light bulb turned on and now being healthy is everything when it comes to being successful in my day to day life.

Living the good life should always include living a healthy life.  When health & fitness becomes an important factor in your life, tasks & activities just become a lot easier to deal with in general.  Health is empowerment, as being healthy will help take you to your goals in a smoother fashion.  If you aren’t feeling at your optimum best each day, how are you going to perform to satisfactory standards? It is now time to take control of the most important commodity.  You.


1. It is your body, Own it!

Here is some breaking news for you… we have only one body! In this life, we all were gifted with only one body.  You must take responsibility for it!  This body we all possess is precious and is something we should really take care of.  A healthy, fitter body leads to a better and happier YOU.  Your body is the crown jewel, give it the attention it deserves and you will surely reap the rewards.

With health & fitness as an important factor, you are able to perform tasks more efficiently and longer.  If you are feeling fatigued after the simplest of tasks, you have a problem.  If you have a job, you owe it to your employer to be at your best.  Likewise, as an entrepreneur & business owner, you owe it to yourself and the many people you will be helping & coming across to give it your all.  People also take others more seriously that look good and feel good.  This just goes without saying, it is a lot smoother and easier with a body that cooperates with you.


2. Morale

Psychologically, a person feels so much better about him/herself when healthy & fit.  This is proven in so many studies throughout the years.  Also, I am saying this from personal experience.  Morale is boosted through the roof when one takes care of themselves in this manner.  Here’s a little test, if you can look in the mirror and feel good about you see then you are definitely on the right path.  On the contrary, if you look in the mirror and have any reservations or adverse feelings about what you see, then somebody has some work to do.  This is the greatest test for self-love and fulfillment.


3. Foods We Eat

Besides shaping our bellies, the food we eat also shapes our mood and energy throughout our days.  If we eat foods that contain energy, that will translate into better vitality.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make those extra few steps towards a healthier self.  Some of these foods include, but aren’t limited to fresh Organic leafy green vegetables, Organic fruits high in antioxidants, Organic meats that are free range are just a few to name!  For further instruction and insight, One book I would highly recommend is Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.  He is an internationally-acclaimed naturopathic physician and has some life changing information in this publication.

These are just a few pointers I thought I could bring to light.  It is something everyone should think about especially with all the information we now have.  Other than that, I truly wish everyone a healthy and more successful year!  Starting with health and fitness in mind, you can make each day a little more successful for yourself and others.


    1 Response to "3 Pointers Towards Healthy Habits that Elevate You"

    • Kumar,

      Hi. I’m a runner. Completely agree with what you’re saying here. I can tackle pretty much anything after a run. I’m more of an evening person, but I actually also become a morning person as well.
      On the flip side of that coin, if I sit in the same spot all day, and don’t exercise, my back gets really bad. That isn’t helpful to concentration.

      Personally I think those endorphins are answerable for a lot. I feel happy, and like I can tackle anything right after the run. No better a time to be productive.

      The by-product of this is that I’m also reasonably fit, and able to run marathons and ultra-marathons, which is a bonus, if you’re slightly mentally challenged like me!

      Great post, thanks,

      Martin Platt.

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