From even before Tiger Woods was even able to talk, he held a golf club in his hand.  Fast forward to his teens and he already caught the attention of millions around the world with his mesmerizing swing, thus a phenom has been created. In, 1996 Tiger Woods proceeded to win PGA Tour Rookie of the Year at only being 17 years old. Major endorsement from corporations like Nike came knocking at his door.  Year after year, from one tournament into the other, Tiger just kept on winning.

Imagine having everything taken away from you.  Once being at the top of the game, being the sport’s superstar and the role model of so many.  Tiger Woods was the crown prince of golf, marching towards kingdom.  Even the sport’s legendary Jack Nicklaus said Tiger would win 10 of the Masters, making him relatively untouchable.  After winning numerous championships, what ensued was an epic collapse.  Self-induced personal problems combined with debilitating injuries grounded the Tiger Woods Express to be the greatest ever to play the game.  The best and most fierce swing in the game became mundane at best.

Here, outlined are four elements which pushed Tiger Woods, and can even help you get back to the top of your game and profession.  You will never look at failure the same again.


1. Never Give Up

We all have seen many examples of this in society, and we’ve been told to never give up on something at some point, but there is a method behind this madness.  When Tiger Woods career was sidelined and suppressed, this is where he slowly began his comeback trail.  After numerous surgeries to his back, he had to first get his strength back.  Next, he had to learn how to swing the golf club again.  Not winning a tournament in five years due to the problems that plagued him, Tiger Woods had to teach himself how to golf again.  A daunting task for anyone who has to overcome the greatest of odds.

Tiger Woods believed he would win again.  This all a person needs to just get the ball rolling when believing the impossible & difficult is very possible.  When a person believes in him/herself all of sudden anything and everything is possible.

Tiger Woods got to work.  He worked diligently on his strength and conditioning, getting himself strong again.  In addition, he went back to the basics and got his golf swing back.

2. Become Even Better with Work Ethic

Who wants to just get back to where one once was? The best thing is to become even better!  Paying attention to detail is important.  Here, Tiger worked on his mechanics.  He worked on his short & his long game.  His overall approach was more detailed and methodical.  When one pays attention to detail and the foundation is strong, the overall craft of whatever the profession involves is solid.

To become even a better version of yourself, you must push yourself to greater limits and accepting complacency and mediocrity isn’t even an option worth considering.


3. Using Any Negativity as Motivation

One of the biggest elements Tiger Woods had to deal with was skepticism and negativity.  His fall to mediocrity was such on epic proportions that a lot of the pundits in the sport assumed we all had seen the best of Tiger Woods, and his professional career was coming to an end.

The best way to use any negativity is by using that energy and directing it towards positive motivational energy.  This is exactly what Tiger Woods did.  This energy is fantastic because even when you aren’t at your best, that fuel is exactly what you need to push you.

People fall into two categories when dealt with adversity.  That individual could succumb under the pressure.  This where any negativity pushes the person deeper into the doldrums, thus making it very hard to pull back to the surface.  Here the person could fall into depression, feeling sad or down the majority of the time.  On the contrary, the individual could use any skepticism, any negativity, and any “poison” to rocket blast past any of the naysayers.  This is where the individual uses grit and sheer determination to propel towards success.  The will to succeed will not be undermined!

I would think we all would want to fall into the latter category.  Who wants to be shut into mediocrity and be depressed into failure?

When things look bleak or even dead, just use any skepticism and negativity to push yourself into being successful.  Game over.

4. Be Even More Humble

I am a big believer in being humble.  This is the gateway in accepting flaws in yourself.  When one is humble, even in victory there is always room for improvement.  In defeat, the person accepts he or she wasn’t the best and there is a lot more to learn.  Being humble gives yourself permission to achieve, even more, no matter where one is in life.  You can be the greatest golfer in the world, but even he is susceptible to defeat and falling completely off the grid.  Using the humble approach will take you to the promised land, and keep you there.


Because he put in the work of the elements as outlined, Tiger Woods has started winning again.  In 2018, Tiger Woods won his first tournament in 5 years.  Then in 2019, Tiger Woods won his first Masters tournament in over 11 years & his 5th overall!

I believe it is really important to remember we all are fallible.  Life is very capable of throwing curve balls at you.  This is where you have to come in and will yourself to right the ship.  You too can achieve anything and everything you desire by keeping these points in mind and working towards your goals.  Become the master of your own destiny, you’ll be a master of achievement.


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    • I take negativity personally, so thanks for your words – i will try to use them for motivation instead

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