There is this saying that the majority of people in the world has heard in their lifetime.  “You can do it if you put your mind to it.”  It is such a straight forward and simple statement, but often times is just not followed through on when things need to get done and results are warranted.  Whether something is possible or not, is totally up to you.  It really is!  The question is, how badly do you want to make it happen?

In this posting, I am going to go through a few limiting scenarios that may have been said to us by someone else, or even what we may say to ourselves in a situation.  I will then turn it around in a more constructive and positive manner that you can really use and succeed with.  We will redefine what is possible!


Limiting Scenario #1 – There is just no way!

Well, this is your cue to come in and prove this is surely achievable!  There is nothing stronger than a person’s will and determination to make things happen, especially when one has been told something isn’t possible.

Of course, sometimes the hill may be a steep one to climb!  This is where you come in & just give it everything you got.  Thus, there won’t be any regrets at the end.  We all have the power to make things happen even when the cards have been stacked against us.


Limiting Scenario #2 – You might as well give up…

When someone tells you to give up, just don’t.  First of all, the call to throw in the towel should be completely your call only.  Also, psychologically, giving up is just a bust for morale.  When you give up the first time, don’t you think it’ll be easier to give up each subsequent time?  You will also remember you gave up on something for the rest of your life.  You want to remember your successful actions, and just build even more success from it.  The mindset should be that of a superstar athlete.  This is where you give it everything you have until you just can’t go anymore, and then some!


Limiting Scenario #3 – You are crazy to do this!

Well, what is the definition of crazy?  My definition entails when one deviates from the norm.  My mentality is who wants to be normal anyway?  Normal is for the mundane, it’s an easier way to live.  Low risk, and of course that equates to low or no rewards at all.  When it comes to following your dreams and passions in life, some craziness is required!  When one pushes the boundaries especially out of the comfort zone, one learns how to survive at a new, higher level.  In this respect. being crazy is the way to go!



Limiting Scenario #4 – You are running out of options.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is work within the confines of the options that are at hand.  Possibly,  the best thing to do is to tap into your creativity and create even more options for yourself.  Thinking outside the box may be the best option for you yet!

Options are always created by others or circumstances.  Your only option should be to succeed NO MATTER WHAT!  When you give yourself a positive ultimatum that you must reach all costs, and it is backed by your relentless efforts, the result will be something you’ll be proud of for years to come.


Limiting Scenario #5 – It will take way too long!

This is where you have to hunker down and really put in some work.  When you get into the thick of working, time will surely become a non-issue.  The only thing worth considering is whether the juice is worth the squeeze.  When one is dedicated and passionate about the task on hand, no amount of time required can stop a person towards getting to their goal.


I hope this posting has given you some insight into how any situation in life can be turned around by thinking past and around the problem you might be having.  The key is to use your creativity and determination and not letting any barrier stop you from getting to your end goal.  Only you can dictate your own success!

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