Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Hank Aaron, Tony Robbins, Jeff Besos, Howard Shultz, Jay-Z, Tiesto. . . What links them all together is all these individuals have been winners in their particular careers.  They have all set the ultimate standard in which people will always strive to achieve.  What’s also amazing is that, even though their career paths are different, all these individuals share intangibles that made them winners in life.

Where one begins to shine is the sheer work ethic.  The will to put in the time and the effort to get to ones desired result is the intoxicating serum that keeps you plugged in.  Long hours and late nights are the norm.  Missing those favorite shows on TV and skipping out on going out with friends become necessary.  There is no glory in this, except one’s vision of what could be once that goal has been met.  There are no immediate rewards in this besides the self satisfaction of giving it your all.  Best of all, giving it your all with sheer work ethic leaves no room for regret in any capacity.

Once sheer work ethic has been achieved, now it is sustaining that level of excellence.  The last thing one wants to do is digress or loose in which they worked so hard for.  Maintaining a level of excellence requires consistent effort day in and day out.  Here you’ve figured out what your craft requires of you, and you are able to plug right in.  A great example of this would be a franchiser.  A franchiser’s job is expansion into different markets.  Subway is one of the most famous restaurant franchises in the world.  A franchiser would make sure a Subway restaurant in Chicago would be identical to it’s franchise in Australia in its decor and basic menu items.  Maintaining that level of excellence & consistency is paramount to any level of success in this industry.  Another great example of sustaining excellence would be a team in any sport making it into the playoffs year after year, without fail.  Here, reaching the playoffs is expected and this goal is met without fail!

Now it is all about hitting new pinnacles or levels in the journey.  The worst thing one can do is remain stagnant, or just be coasting along.  When someone does this, it gets rather boring and can even produce less because of the lack of challenge.  I believe challenging one self is extremely important because morale would be boosted.  The team making it into the playoffs year after year should strive for the ultimate prize, the pinnacle of winning the sport’s championship.

We all should be challenged in one way or another.  This brings out the best in us, and we also learn more about ourselves.  This is why we see people climbing mountains, doing the tough man competition, and the Olympics.  It’s that push for greatness that makes us reach higher.  Most importantly, from challenge this is where leaders are born.

Leaders are agents of change, and make our world a much better place.  With great leadership we then have winners in our society.





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