I am a passionate and fun-loving guy that’s also very hard working and genuine with my dealings and endeavors in life. My passions include music and entrepreneurship. My musical journey started out for me around the age of 8 years old where I took up the Cello, which continued on for me all the way through high school. Through my formidable years, I also took up a few other instruments. Around 2000, I took up being a deejay. I still do it today and hold a residency with the biggest internet radio station on the planet, Chill Lover Radio.

I began my entrepreneurial journey back in 2001 and got my feet wet with network marketing. I quickly found out I really have a passion for helping people. I found people go through a lot in their own professional journeys. It’s now my life’s mission to learn as many tools and to personally develop myself as much as possible, so I could help others in their journey.

My heart has always been in empowerment and in good will. Fast forward to 2009, I went on board with another network marketing company and came across the teachings of Jim Rohn. His teachings revolutionized my life and gave me the inspiration to follow through on my ambitions. Today, I have my own Digital Media Agency, https://www.mydigitaldepot.com and am looking forward to helping people in more ways than I would have ever imagined! I want to help give individuals the tools they need for their endeavors, so living a life on their own terms would be more possible than ever before.

Whether it’s through music or through entrepreneurship, the message is the same. The goal is always to uplift, inspire, and to empower. I truly believe in order to be the best, you must bring out the best in others.