In life, obsession can be viewed as a negative or a positive thing. Really just depends on the context and how it is directed towards. When it comes to your success and fulfilling your dreams, in my opinion & expertise, obsession is everything! When directed in a very constructive and methodical way, it can take you from zero to hero in no time. Also, in this manner, also gives you that tunnel vision that can take you to your end goal.  Here are two ways you can mentally become obsessed for your success!


1.   Use Tunnel Vision Towards Your Goals

When obstacles appear, tunnel vision obsession can bust past anything. Especially in this age, there are a lot options and shiny objects to throw you off your course. The shiny object syndrome is where anything appealing can push you off course, and as a result it will take you so much longer for you to achieve your goal!

The accessibility to a ton of applications, games, social media and so much more in the virtual world is available within moments. In this digital age, having that tunnel vision and that laser focus when accomplishing objectives on hand can be the difference between immense success and colossal failure.

Let’s look at all successful people in any field on this planet. People that have built successful careers with passion, businesses that became empires, and athletes that win championships have this element of obsession. It is the one intangible, when initiated and implemented, can really move you into realms within your vision.

I don’t think Jeff Bezos of ever could’ve envisioned what he has now 20 or 30 years ago! But, when you are dead on focused, things just come into fruition, or into existence.  It is the work ethic, the motivation, & the sheer doing-ness behind the vision which can make mere mortals into legends.

Without obsession, the road to success can be awfully curvy, with a ton of peaks and valleys, and dead ends. I feel as if in today’s world a lot of people are just getting their feet wet. They are trying this, they are trying that. Then once they try it, and don’t get that instant fast food success, all of a sudden they are a failure.  For a good amount of people, success is merely an aberration.  The truth is success may only be an aberration unless you use tunnel vision to work towards being successful.


2.  Don’t Blame it on…

If that individual isn’t a failure, then they are blaming it on someone else, or something else.  So the question here now is; when involved in a new endeavor, how do you get to being obsessed? The answer here is the willingness to push yourself into being obsessed. You have got to persevere.  There is nothing wrong with being obsessed when it comes to your livelihood!

A key piece of ideology through all of this is that you must take responsibility for everything that is going on with your goals!  You can break any positive energy in obsession and perseverance towards your objectives when something goes south, and you blame it on anything outside of yourself.  Don’t do that if you want massive success.  Take full responsibility and march on!

This law of obsession can be applied to anything you are striving towards.  You want to get fit? Get downright obsessed about it, and you will see results. You want to become an entrepreneur? You learn and do everything you can to achieve this. Anything can be achieved with this law.


3.  Sheer Belief In What You are Doing 

The key here is, YOU have really got to believe in what you are doing! This can come from other successful examples you can emulate and look up to. Some of it can be that “gut” feeling, “hey, this is it!” and “I can make this happen.” I also believe community, forums, groups, books and masterminds really can push you and help you to become obsessed about your endeavors.

When it comes down to it, once your goals are set in place, you need to be obsessed about your goals! There is something so divine about this energy!

No person, no situation, nothing . . . Should be able to sway you away from your goals! You got to have that vision, make those goals, then become totally obsessed. Once you feel it in your heart, you now innately know nothing will be able to stop you.



It is your time. Get serious & get obsessed about your aspirations and passions!

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