It’s time.  It’s time to assess your inner burning desire.  Is your tank half empty? Is it on low? Maybe it’s 3/4 full?  Where ever you are on your inner temperature gauge, let’s all just step back for a bit and reassess how hot our inner flame is when it comes to success.

I believe, in order to be at your best and have the maximum impact out there in our world, you must check yourself.  It’s good to do this periodically.  You must be honest with yourself and feel how hot your inner flame is firing when it comes to your career.  There comes a time, because we are all human, we are just not firing on all cylinders.  I’m here to tell you, its okay to feel this way.  All you have to do is step back, refuel & re-energize.

Just list reasons what makes you happy when it comes to your career (minimum of 10 to infinite).  Is it being with your fellow workers? Is it the difference you are making out there? Is it the validation you get from customers, patrons and/or clients?  Whatever it is, put it out there for yourself.

Then I would go ahead and list everything you’ve achieved.  Sometimes you have to go back into your memory and your experiences to rekindle that burning desire to fire yourself up.  You have to make yourself excited!  It is totally great to tap into your experiences to get yourself going again!

Energy is also very infectious.  Once you fire yourself up, others around you would feel your renewed sense of burning desire.  Your inner burning desire for success and it’s energy could become a catalyst with whomever comes within your space!

It’s time to fire yourself up.  Let’s do this!



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