When I talk about changing your diet, in this post i’m not talking about the food you eat (though that’s important too).  I’m talking about the mental and psychological intake your mind takes on a daily basis.  What are you taking in mentally? Does your mind feel fresh and energized throughout the day, or are you mentally tired?  What i really mean by changing your diet is reprogramming & filling up your mind with some fulfilling and soul satisfying “stuff.”  The good “stuff” is comprised of a few elements.

The answer to this could mostly lie within your daily habits.  Our mood and mindset is really dictated by what we are watching and taking in.  For example, people who consume more hours of TV are usually more lazy and pessimistic towards life.  They are more likely to be an effect of what’s going on and/or being reported on the programming.

Another key component of your diet is whom you associate with.  There’s a common saying, you are who you hang around.  Do the people around you, have a real positive effect on you?  Your entire way of doing and perceiving things can be picked up simply from whom you are around.

There are people out there, that just simply don’t take anything in at all.  That isn’t good either.  If you were to make a graph of your life, there should be a continual upward trend in progress.  Being stagnant is just as bad as a downward trend in my eyes.  Progress is the real key towards happiness.

The way to go upward continually in life is through positive reinforcement.  I think the best way to do this is simply by reading more.  I’m not talking about those cheesy romance novels or adventure/psychological thrillers! (though they can be entertaining as hell). I mean more of the powerful in-your-face books that can add something to your life.  Personal development, business philosophy and biographies are the best type of books out there.  Another way to do this is by attending seminars, conferences, and conventions.  Even watching inspiring Youtube videos is great intake for your mind.

Think of it this way.  Just like one goes into the gym and does reps for the arms, legs, and chest areas, one should also do reps for the brain and mind.  Each page and minute of positive reinforcement makes you that much more wiser and more able minded in the pathways of life.  You can eliminate a lot of trial and error by learning from those who have already had to learn and figure things out.  This will save you some time and more importantly heart ache.

By doing these amazing things for yourself, you’ll be more profound & just really kick more ass in life! Isn’t that what you want? Then go and do it!


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