I’m finding more and more that the majority of people are just coasting along, or doing the bare minimum in life.  No ambition, no passion and not even doing something more for themselves.  These people go to their 9-5, come back home and that just about does it.  In this lifestyle, you doing just enough to get by.  Sadly, for the majority of people what they are doing for their careers doesn’t even fall into their passions.  For those of you who are doing something which you truly love, I really commend you.  Hence, you’ve dared to dream and fall into the small percentage of people which are following their own aspirations! But even so, do you have a back up plan, a revenue source which has your back just in case? These are things, in this current economic climate, every individual must think about.

One of my mentors used to teach that one should have at least three sources of income.  Just in case one of the sources falls off via being laid off or loosing a job.  Then you have the other two sources to live off of.  In an ideal situation when you have three sources the first one you fully live off of.  Then the second source can be used to pad your income.  Finally, the third source you can use towards savings, IRAs, investments, businesses, and even charities.  The possibilities are endless on how one can invest.  One can mix and match the sources to suit their living needs.

This does not mean getting a second or third job.  Conquering the mountain entails having everything work for you.  The answer to this is having one or more passive streams coming in.  Having a passive stream of income means money coming in with or without you putting effort towards it.  A typical job is linear.  This means you are putting in hours of your time in, and for that you’ll get paid for it.  When you have a passive streams plugged in, this income is continually working FOR you.  We are living in one of the most incredible times in human history, where this is truly possible.  Not only is this possible, this entails helping massive amounts of people.  Just imagine day in and day out, being able to help people live better and live more freely.  This is an incredible feeling and anyone is possible of accomplishing this.

When one conquers their own mountain, one is in total control of their destiny.  Everything is going their way, and they have reached their objectives.  The question is do you go to sleep happy, or go to sleep with worries when it comes to the financial scene?

I wish for each and every one of you to conquer your mountain.

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