In this world we have dreamers and doers. The doers are the ones that get stuff done. They typically make great employees especially with white collar occupations. They are also very reliable and can be counted upon for being trustworthy. The doers make up the movers and shakers and can make that push when something needs to get done. Being a doer is very honorable and can earn you longevity within an organization and even groups.

It is the dreamers that have a very special place in society. These people are the innovators. Dreamers create new fields, movements, and create new opportunities every single day. They come up with the ideas that can change the way people do and perceive things. The dreamers are the ones that make this world a lot more interesting.

The best is the combination of both. This is when we have dreamers, that are doers as well. It is where the rubber meets the road. When it comes down to it, it is where innovation & ingenuity breeds success.

Some notable dreamers that are doers include the likes of Bill Gates, Henry Ford, and Howard Schultz. Bill gates innovated the way operating systems on computers run. Without Bill Gates computers just wouldn’t run as efficiently. Henry Ford back in the early 1900s of course had the vision of everyone owning a car one day. Howard Schultz the founder of Starbucks took coffee drinking to a whole other level. He also pushed forward the coffee shop culture.

What is also worth noting about all these innovators is the massive amount of work they all put towards pushing their dreams into reality.

Be the dreamer, and then make it happen by being the doer.


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