Probably one of the most popular sayings of all time is, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”  When we see something we desire, to get it we must work for it.  Many times, we really have to put forth an epic effort!  To reach the highest of heights is possible for everyone.

I want to see people succeeding and being prosperous in all areas of life.  In my 10 years of being an entrepreneur I’ve seen how being a “goodwill ambassador” can really bring good fortune into the person’s life.


1.  Uplift Others to Uplift Yourself 

We see individuals bringing other people down all the time.  All i have to say is enough is enough!  In life, everyone comes with a different combination lock.  We all have things that limit us on how we want to progress.  The thing that sucks is, sadly when some people see a weakness in another, they attack.  The answer to this anomaly is, when one recognizes a weakness in another, empowering and helping is the right solution.

Also, worth pointing out, not everyone is of the empowering nature.  So, don’t sit there and wait for something to fall in your lap!  Everybody has a fight in them.  We have all heard of this saying, at one point or another in our lives.  As individuals, we are all quite powerful and capable to bring immense fortune into our own lives.


2.  Pulling Success Into Your Life 

“What we fear doing most is usually what we need to do,” is a great quote by Timothy Ferriss.  We have the ability to fight and forcibly pull success into our very existence.  Whatever this entails for you! So what does this really mean? You have to make and earn your breaks in life.  In my previous blog posts, I’ve always pulled successful people as examples.  This time I would like you to do it yourself.  Next time, you are in your car, look at all the establishments.    There are shopping centers all over, that have had to be built from the ground up.  The tenants that occupy these vacant blocks, have had to have come up with an idea & business to occupy them.  The very idea itself, for example franchises, needed to be come up with.  The roads underneath us we drive on, needed to be built.  Also, the cars we drive in, needed to be put together.  Everything out there in this world, was once just an idea & even a figment of our imagination.  Then people needed to fight to put these ideas into existence.


3.  Fight!

If you want the goods. . . don’t sit there, wish and pray.  Instead, go out there and fight for it.  Fight for your happiness.  Fight for your success.  Fight for your longevity.  Fight for what you believe in.  Fight for your very existence!

When you go out there and fight for what you want, you feel good because you’ve earned it.

Everybody has a fight in them, and this includes you.


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