According to the definition of failure is as follows:


  1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure. The campaign was a failure.
  2. nonperformance of something due, required, or expected:a failure to do what one has promised; a failure to appear.       
  3. a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency:the failure of crops.

Failure in any case has a very negative and a rather unappealing effect in life.  The truth is, failure is a part of everyday life.  We fail and we succeed, rinse and repeat. Sometimes we fail a lot until we find that one semblance of success.

We hear the word failure and our smile turns upside with a frown.  Failure, yuck!  What if we can change failure to really work in our favor?  I think I should have your attention now.

The law of averages works in your favor when you use failure to your advantage.  Using failure to your advantage means when you expect failure to lead you to success.  The more you fail at something, the more you will succeed.  Now I’m not saying that you must fail on purpose, that would be just terrible advice!  Rather, this is a principle you would keep in mind.  This way when failure happens, you won’t be taken back.  When failure happens, you’ll know to keep on going no matter what the situation entails.  This is when one fails forward.

I’ve tested and tried this, and yes, there is research that backs this up as well.  In addition, many business philosophers fully support this.  Most importantly, real life backs this theory.  We’ll use two examples; sports and entrepreneurship.

In the sport of Baseball, especially today, everything is revolved around analytics and percentages.  Failing forward is a great example for baseball, because this theory is exactly what ball players use to get better.  Day in and day out, baseball players work the percentages to their favor.  If one bats .200(2/10), that person is on the lower rankings of the league.  Any lower, the player gets sent to the minor leagues.  If one bats .300(3/10) and above, all of a sudden that individual gets a multi-million dollar Major League contract!  Success here is determined by how times you can get that bat on the ball and put it in play. The more one does that, the more one makes!  What if we could use the law of averages in baseball, to work for us in real life?

Now lets use entrepreneurship as more of a real world example.  In the beginning of any venture, in most cases, one would fail plenty and be in the trenches.  A lot of people actually end up quitting, because the failures just keep adding up and there is no end in sight to this.  This is what I would like to call a “lost purpose.”  When one looses their purpose, you just have to snap yourself out of it and remember WHY you are doing this in the first place.  Just keep on marching, and keep your goals in sight.

I have one final example, which I must bring to light.  Because out of darkness, one definitely finds light as long as the person keeps on fighting and this individual is a great example of this.  This individual uses the law of averages everyday & doesn’t even know it!  When one goes through a physical injury and/or goes through surgery it really takes a toll.  The road to recovery can often times be daunting, exhausting and taxing.  So how does one pull oneself out of this?  One must keep on fighting and use the law of averages, and a full recovery will be within grasp.  The law of averages here entails doing activities and rehab.  You do these activities and rehab over and over until the pain is gone and full ability is achieved.  To improve the odds of recovery, and increase the speed of how fast recovery is achieved one must be surrounded by people who can aid in this process. Regardless, when push comes to shove, it is up to the person on how well the recovery goes.  This requires tenacity, resolve and sheer will to overcome all odds!  Through the darkness, here one builds character and learns to persevere.  This person is a success and serves as a great role model for others.  Anyone can learn from people who’ve had to beat any odds and can gain immense inspiration from their trials and tribulations.  This formula for success sounds pretty familiar to the prior examples doesn’t it?

Once again, no matter how many times you fail in anything, as long as you keep on moving & failing forward you will find success.  The trick is to keep on doing it and to fight through any pains, barriers, and setbacks.  Applying this mindset to any area of life whether it’s injury, business, or sport is a formula for true success.

Become that inspiration for others.  Don’t ever accept defeat.  Just fail forward!


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