You had it all figured out.  Coasting through life, following your passions and rocking on through!  You worked hard to get to where you are, even continuing to work harder, super talented, and admired by many.

Imagine life throwing rotten apples your way.  Its not just once, twice, or three times, but multiple times.  Do you roll yourself into a ball, close your eyes and wish for everything to disappear?  Do you just surrender, roll the dice and hope for the best? No, what she did was take her sharpest sword and slice those apples up finely.  Not one rotten apple, ever swayed her away from life’s goals.  This post is dedicated to someone whom has risen up to life’s challenges and obstacles over and over, multiple times in a short time period.  There are valuable lessons learned from her experiences.  The constant always being through adversity, she always just found a way to overcome.

A warrior’s initiative is to fight through whatever life has thrown in it’s path.  No matter what the obstacle entails,  whether it is simply a mere fight or an epic battle, a warrior never succumbs, instead fights on!

There were a few important lessons I learned from this strong and compassionate warrior.  It’s not how a person falls down, it really is how they get up.  But once she got up, it was how she endured the aftermath of the constant pain.  Her motto: Fighting each day, to get better.  She had multiple setbacks health wise through this journey. . . setbacks that left her unable to function at times.  It was her vitality, the life force within her that made her life on.  Her desire to live her life is far greater than any deterring element can bring upon her.  When life brought her down to the floor, out cold, within days she got right back up and stuck her middle finger up to the shadows of life! Take this! All she does is push through!

We can all learn these lessons from this amazing soul.  

There is one mammoth lesson I learned from her.  Life really is super precious!  People really go through some life altering, debilitating experiences.  She taught me, we are really lucky to have breath and life on this earth.  I learned we must appreciate and be grateful for what we have around us.  This entails our family, our friends, and even acquaintances.  We should be grateful for our careers and the passions we hold within ourselves.  She taught me, we must take advantage of every breath we take, and the moments that are bestowed upon us.


Even the small things, I learned laughter is precious. . .

Even the most trivial conversations should be cherished and remembered. . .

Life needs to be held by its horns and lived.  I for one, learning from what she’s gone through, don’t take things for granted anymore.  I think we all can be better from her experiences and learn the value of the heart of a warrior.




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