Now I’m not just talking about money here.  I am talking about all facets of life.  Are you wealthy when it comes to having friends and relationships?  Do you have wealth when it comes to your own health? And finally, are you wealthy in your career and monetary activities?  Tie these all in, and you have a winning formula for a very happy and a less stressful life.


Money Isn’t Everything, But. . .

When it comes to having an abundance in life, money should not really be considered as the sole most important objective, the fruits of all your labors and not as the alpha focus in your life.  Now, I am not saying money doesn’t matter.  It surely does! Money gives you the ability to do extraordinary things, such as donate to awesome causes and charities.  It gives you the ability to travel and see the world.  Money gives you the ability to be comfortable.  This is real talk here.  How about learning the nuances and the energy behind wealth? This is a topic worth mastering, then of course living it & most importantly sharing it with others.  The crazy thing is when a lot of things are clicking in your life, the money really does flow right to you.  Yes, this is law of attraction all over again! Really, this should be life 101.




People just say a lot of things just for the sake of saying them.  Effectiveness starts with putting in the effort & work.  If there is energy, emotion and substance behind what you are saying, anything and everything can materialize.  There has to be a purpose and a plan behind what you are saying.  Before you know it things will line up and the energy will be unmistakable.  Wealth begins with a plan, and it continues with a strong purpose in any area of your life.


Wealth & Law of Attraction

Wealth and the law of attraction go hand in hand.  Wealth in any facet of life comes to those that are doing the right activities, and doing the right activities the right way, ethically & with integrity.  If you keep short cutting in life, you’ll be living a short cut life (think about it!).  You’ll be getting half baked results, and not achieving results to its full potential.  Just think about what success & wealth really entails.  The ones that are focused on the attention to detail,  and becoming the master of this important subject will surely prevail and live better.

If you can really master the energy & all of its nuances behind wealth, your life would become so much more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.  Putting effort into the nuances will surely pay dividends when results are warranted.





    1 Response to "How Wealthy Are You Really?"

    • Interesting approach here Kumar. Thanks for the post.

      I think that all too often we equate money with success. Lots of it means Very successful.
      In reality that could not be further from the truth. There are plenty of folk who have the dollars but they are neither happy nor what you could call really successful.

      The best definition of success I have heard over the years is – Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile ideas AND being well adjust. The clue is in the tail.

      Plenty of ill adjust people who spend all their time chasing the almighty dollar.

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