It is Monday, and you have this big presentation at the end of the week for a client.  You decide since there is time, putting off preparing for it won’t be a big deal.  After all your favorite show is on later today, and there is no way you’ll miss it!  It is now Tuesday, as you are thinking of beginning preparations, your best friend calls you for a few drinks.  You rationalize with yourself it is still only the beginning of the week, so having some drinks really won’t be the end of the world!  Wednesday passes and its now Thursday.  Oh my god, there is so much to do before tomorrow! Regrets galore!

The preparation wasn’t enough.  The work completed just wasn’t thorough, and now the only option is to half wing it!  This is an all too common occurrence with a lot of people, hence the notion of “getting by” is born.

The above story is just an example of something that may deter us from accomplishing our goals or accomplish our goals in a more efficient manner.  Once could concur its to blame on our whims, maybe its circumstance, or perhaps one was distracted for whatever reason.

Not letting yourself down doesn’t necessarily have to be just your career, it can be in any area of life.  This could include health, wealth, and even love among the important areas in our lives.  This is where happiness comes into play as well.  Our happiness is directly linked to how well we manage our lives.  When something is off, all of a sudden our conscious or even our ethical compass kicks into gear to let us know something is off, and whatever is off must be corrected.

A simple example of the above can be not eating well, or not exercising.  Your body may be cussing you out for that by getting sick and demanding better care.  Another example could be not paying your bills or your dues, your inner consciousness will hound you for that and tell you to correct it! In the realm of love, maybe you let someone down and it’s just been a rocky, emotionally painful road ever since.  In whatever facet you have let yourself down in your life, you would immediately know because simply, you just don’t feel right about the whole situation.  Easy or not, the next thing to do is to make steps towards what will set things in a more positive direction.  All you need is a burning desire to help make that push!

I believe instilled in all of us is the will to succeed and prosper, to do what is right and live life to the best of our abilities.  Somewhere along the road, something derails us or even shoots us in a different direction… a direction we may not desire.  When something like this happens, it is really up to ourselves, YOU to stay the course! No matter how difficult this may be, it just has to be done.  Again, whatever it is in your life that is out of whack, your inner consciousness will let you know to knock it off and get it right.

It the name of happiness, or more so our vitality, it is the utmost importance that we don’t let our selves down.  Our vitality dictates to us how well we are actually living.  If you are living well and are doing the things that need to be done on a positive level, you will be surely feeling good about where you are in life.  All in all, your conscious will dictate, that you are on the right path.  In that case, you don’t change what is doing well.  Instead, you ramp it up and do more of what is working for you so you multiply that great work.  Your result will shoot you out the roof!  Living better maybe just a few action steps away.

Just listen to yourself, and stop letting yourself down (if you are)!


To your massive and awesome success!


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    • I like your thoughts on not letting yourself down. Each day is a new day and brings new possibilities. It is up to us to take it as a blessing or yet another day of misery.

      • Simply Kumar

        Thank you for your comments! Yes, each new day is an opportunity for us to expand and further our reach.

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