Have you ever found yourself analyzing something so much that you simply freeze? In turn, you don’t even end up accomplishing the task or even taking it up all together? This over analyzing & overthinking leads to downright being unproductive! Paralysis by analysis could be the single biggest contributor to ineptness around!


1.  Awareness is Key – Focusing is Power

I’ll be first to raise my hand! I have been certainly guilty of this for many years. The only difference now is that I am aware of when I start manifesting these feelings within myself. The amazing thing is, I actually stop myself in my tracks the minute I start thinking in that manner! The big key here is awareness, just like in any mental challenge you are trying to overcome.

Paralysis by analysis especially takes place when one has multiple tasks ahead of them. So you end up looking at everything instead of focusing on just one thing. In this circumstance, the power of focus is what can move you forward instead of being frozen in your tracks. Focusing on the single most important thing, zeroing in on it, and completing it before heading on to the next task will make you a lot more productive.

We also have to look at how we are all naturally built. As human beings, we aren’t built to take on so many things at once. Now, we are certainly capable of doing many things, but by accomplishing one task at a time. There is a lot of research on this, but I am also speaking by experience.


2.  10,000 Hours 

One of the laws of mastery, the 10k hour rule, also illustrates the power of focus. The 10,000 hour rule was inspired by a well-known journalist, Malcom Gladwell, who wrote the book “Outliers.” By spending 10,000 hours on mastering one thing, we can find immense success. We can take a look at individuals who are masters of their craft. The amount of time spent practicing and perfecting a task correlates to how successful that individual is. Finding and mastering one endeavor also gives us the confidence to take on and be successful on other challenges.

This quick video gives a quick summary behind this rule.


Paralysis by analysis isn’t just confined to taking on too much. It can also be because of things going on in your life. Sometimes people just have a lot going on, and that can really hamper a person’s ability to take on tasks. Just apply the same rule as above. Focus on the single most important thing, then move on to the next that needs to be tackled.

Power on towards success!

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    • Hi Kumar,

      It’s true 10,000 hours is pretty typical for success. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

      Keep up the great posts.

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