People often ask “why personal development?” People also often say, “I don’t need personal development.” Another common question is, “Where do I start with personal development?” I believe personal development can really change & enhance your life.


1. It’s for everyone in all walks of life

Think of it as the key that will get your vehicle going in the direction you want it to go.  The cool thing about personal development is that it is designed to help everyone and anyone no matter where one stands in life.  Whether you are coasting along,  if you are at ground zero, or even dug deep beneath the surface, the only place this takes you is UP!


2. Why be involved in personal development?

I truly believe personal development is EVERYTHING when it comes to pushing yourself past your comfort zone.  When one is staring at big goals and the ambitions are just as big, personal development is the binder which can bridge the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be in the future.

Also, this is great even if you are content in your career.  If you want to be more productive and just be better in your job overall, personal development can really bring out the best in you.  What’s the harm in doing something that will aid & progress you to a better place?  With personal development, you will never digress.



Mental Aptitude

Better Positive & Optimistic Demeanor 

Become More Likeable

Become More Trustworthy

More Knowledgeable about life

Better Solutions & More Calm In Times of Stress

Higher Income

Creativity Flow

Self Belief & Purpose

Perceiving Future Outcomes – Ability to See More Things Before Actually Happening

And so much more!


3. Where would you begin with personal development?

The best place to begin personal development is right with your laptop or phone.  On Youtube alone, there are many videos on this topic and you’ll be on your way from there.  Another great authority on personal development is  This website caters to helping individuals become more successful with literature and even offers online classes.  The content is provided by highly successful and knowledgeable individuals.  It’s another helpful resource to help you get on your way towards your goals & becoming a marksman in the subject of life!


Now let us have some fun with this…

Ask yourself where you would like personal development to take you.  What would you like to accomplish better and more of using the philosophies and tactics by using personal development?  I would take a notepad and start jotting down ideas and goals of what you want and need.  Sometimes change just starts with an idea that is written down and looked at often!

Now put yourself in the future and imagine what you have and what you are doing, with all that you have learned.  Are you living a life full of abundance? Is your life more meaningful? Are you surrounded by supportive and caring people who always have your best interest in mind? Write down what’s important to you, and put it out there.  Then all you have to do is put in the work to make it all come to life!

Let personal development be the light and use it to help you get across to the other side of the tunnel!





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