You get into an argument with a friend and/or significant other and you are all of a sudden told, “You have got to be more positive.”  Yet, the whole premise of the argument had nothing to do with being more positive… Hmm, what is happening here?

Alright its rant time, and I have to bring something to light.  We are living in a time when something is off, or when something goes wrong- you are not being “positive” enough!  The argument of positivity is being used so much that it has become “pop culture.”  The term positivity is being used so loosely, that now it is really loosing its effectiveness and its true meaning.

Being positive is a state of mind and an outlook.  It does not mean that one should ignore the true issue(s) on hand, and just keep walking on forward.  That is just being oblivious to everything around you, and choosing to believe only what you want to believe.  This is when being positive actually becomes ignorance.  There are fine lines here and when you want to be positive, it should be done with full awareness.

Being positive is something that has to be done responsibly too.  Too many people just turn away from whatever the present situation is and throw on those blinders… all of a sudden that person is now “positive.”  Positivity truly works when all angles are dealt with and then resolved.

Positivity is most powerful when mixed in with optimism.  This is when you are aware of the negative aspects to an argument, and dealing with them effectively.  Being aware of a negative, or converse aspect actually makes you stronger and wiser, because the next time around you’ll be able to cross that bridge with precision.

The key here is one has actually learned and won’t have to go through that pain the next time around.  Most importantly, you won’t be insulting anyone in the process when you listen and look at every angle.

Everyone wins.  Being positive is once again cool.



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