Ever heard of the saying,”Rome wasn’t built overnight?” I think many of us have heard this echoed multiple times over our lives. . . The fact is this saying has proven to be true over and over again, at least in my life.

We live in this era right now, where getting things handed to you fast and quick is the norm.  Part of the blame goes to fast food, they were the first to plant the seeds in society that getting things right here & right now is entitled to us.  Of course, over time we have seen the ramifications of that.  Disease & deteriorating health, has been the direct resultant of the fast food mentality.  We can also call this phenomenon the lottery mentality.  Think about what happens to the majority of people that actually do win the lottery.  Those funds, most likely get mismanaged and abracadabra- all that loot is CAPOOT!

People, come on now! In order to achieve and to get the goods in life, persistence and perseverance is needed to unlock the combination! This is great news too! You now know, instant gratification will only lead to despair, disfunction and frustration.  Trusting the process, and working through setbacks builds grit and makes you tougher!  The struggle makes you stronger!

Using this technique and mentality makes you into a solid doer.  “Building the Rome” of your life, is the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you.  In addition, doing things the right way sets a great example to whom ever touches your life.  Doing thing the right way & going through the struggle, the learning pains, the ebbs & flows of life will make you great & accomplished.  You’ll actually become the inspiration people have so desperately looked for!  This is the stuff that make boys into men when you pay the price to achieve success!

So what do I mean exactly, by “building the Rome of your life?”  In a snap shot, there are basically 4 areas in your life that you address on some level on a daily basis.  These four areas are; health, wealth, love and happiness.  We are constantly managing these areas each and every day.  If you use the “building Rome” formula for everything, you are putting together a solid foundation that will hold up & follow you for a very long time.   The lottery and fast food mentality will sadly crumble your efforts each and every time without fail.  You got to go in, like a Roman warrior and conquer your aspirations!

Each day I am continually building my Rome, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Doing and building things the right way will enrich your life.  Achieving great health will happen by consistently taking care of yourself and eating appropriately with the “building Rome” mentality.  Building wealth this way is for the most part guaranteed in this manor.  Having a great and amazing family will be achieved.  Happiness is achieved & really the resultant of everything you work so hard for! It all makes sense doesn’t it?

I genuinely wish for each and every one of you to build your very own Rome, that yourself and others around you can be very proud of!

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