Here’s an individual who’s struggling. This person has a low level income, really has no acquaintances or friends. All this culminating in a low self-esteem, and living a tough life.

Then we have the polar opposite. We have a woman who is getting everything wanted in life, using LOA to live better. She perceives it, and in a reasonable amount of time, with effort, obtains whatever is desired. Her self-esteem is at a high level. She has the lifestyle, in great health and has supporting friends and acquaintances.

All of this resulting in a very happy demeanor towards her life. This is how it looks like on the surface, but beneath it all is a story telling how each person got to that point in life.  Most people fall in the middle somewhere, not at a low point, but haven’t reached the full potential either.  No matter where you are in life, Law of Attraction works with these simple pointers!


1. Who and what you keep around you makes all the difference!

People emit energy, whether it is positive or negative. To live a happier life, this is simple, you keep people around you that have a very positive and happy attitude in life. This includes the work environment as well as the home environment. People that uplift you, and make you feel good about yourself push you towards a better place.

Great energy, will also help you get towards your goals quicker and more efficient. A happier you equal a more prosperous you. Part of the solution lies in the energy that is all around you. This is what the Law of Attraction is all about.



2. Part of the solution is what you are putting into yourself.

Here, I am talking about what you are reading or watching on a daily basis. What elements are you pouring into you? Are you at home watching the negative news? Do you spend time reading the newspaper? Maybe you spend most of your evenings watching shows and sitcoms? Even though its television, these programs still transfer that type of energy to you. If the program or publication is sending bad energy, you’ll feel that way.

Reading positive, good books and watching programming that uplifts you be the way to go. Reading ten pages of something that makes a change in you each day over a period will make profound changes in your life! This is where personal development comes in and just being humble enough to keep learning and making yourself better each day. Watching 15-30 minutes of something that makes you feel empowered each day will transfer into better days for you, and those around you. Studies show what you take in, you will pour out into those around you. People love being around others that have positive energy.


3.  You must envision yourself in successful scenarios.

Using the power of imagination & perceiving things, you must see yourself as getting what you need and want in life.  This could go for anything you desire.  You want a better career? Needing to make more money to satisfy life’s obligations?  Perhaps you need a better life partner to compliment yourself?

By continually envisioning & imagining yourself living that desired existence, you can truly get yourself to that destination.  The best time to implement this into your daily regimen, is in bed right before sleeping.  You just have to see yourself doing great things, and envision actually living it.  The point I am making here is our thinking & state of mind is so crucial when it comes to success and desire.  If you can harness this powerful way of achieving things, nothing is out of the question!  We really are masters of our own destiny, and this is the key that can start it all.

4. When you use the Law of Attraction daily and often over a period, you’ll become a human magnet for all that is good in this world.


I’ve had people tell me, well it isn’t working! The next thing I ask is, well how long have you tried it? The response I get is, “Oh, about a couple days, maybe a few times.” Ask a person how long they’ve gone to school to be a doctor or an engineer, and a couple days or a few times will not cut it.

The Law of Attraction has to be practiced over and over again. Then you must use it, and keep on practicing it. When implementing & actually using this becomes second nature, that is when amazing things happen.

Everyone can be that person who is attracting and getting what is needed and desired in life. The formula is right here, and there are so many books and blogs on it!

Go out there and make it happen, and become the story others can aspire to when it comes the Law of Attraction.

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