I love two things in life.  I love to smile and I love to be OPTIMISTIC.  The whole positive thing can be very clique, as I’ve talked about in my Positivity Explained blog post.  Unfortunately, being positive at times can be done irresponsibly.  When being optimistic, you are actually taking responsibility for what can go wrong, as well as charging forward in a positive way.

Here is a great TEDx video which explains some of the nuances of optimism.

People are starving for optimism in a world that is often times very pessimistic.  We all go through life and deal with problems.  Each and every one of us has problems big or small or even a combination of it.  Problems in life can contribute towards the demise of yourself, or you can use it to make you tougher, bolder and wiser.

I think the key here is being empathetic towards YOURSELF.  For example, I often times am extremely tough on myself.  Sometimes this behavior is done on a subconscious level.  On a daily basis, I try to hold myself accountable to everything and anything that is going on around me.  I’ll even try to take responsibility for something, though it may not be my fault at all!  Taking responsibility for something on all levels, almost always eliminates any idea of blaming something or someone else.  That alone reduces stress and tension around a situation.  Here’s the thing, this does on some level puts more stress on yourself.  Then again, stress is subjective and varies from person to person.  I am a true believer that we can all handle stress in our unique and innate ways.

I believe all situations and predicaments should be handled with a calm demeanor. What I have realized lately is, you don’t have to be mean or brash to yourself during this process.  It should be done with empathy, and that is totally cool to do so.  Sometimes, the self talk we do to ourselves can be more harmful than beneficial when we put ourselves down.  I’m finding to deal with each problem, it is good to step back and take a deep breath & then just smile.  Smiling is good, because this centers you and keeps you calm during the worst of situations.  Also, by breathing and slowing your mind down, rational thinking comes into play.  Next time something contrary happens, you’ll become more optimistic and positive about the whole predicament naturally.  Mentally, you’ll flip the switch in a more optimistic manor.  Oh my god, you’ll feel so much better!

I hope I have provided some insight how you can mentally deal with & overcome any previous, existing, and future problems you may encounter in your lives!





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