It is Friday and your circle of friends is making big plans to go out.  There is a hot new restaurant across town featuring some savory menu items to just die for.  Afterward, there are plans to go to a trendy bar which has some exotic drinks which will send you off into the next stratosphere!

Then there is you.  You have some big plans & ambitions too, right?  There are big entrepreneurial plans in the works.  A business that can really help a lot of people solve their problems in their own businesses, thus setting you free financially!  These are big ambitions that will require a lot of sacrifices.  But your plans can wait because it’s Friday night and the beginning of the weekend right?  Well…

You have got to starve your distractions and feed your focus!


Bon Appetite!  Time to Feed Your Focus! 

1. Time

This is the single most important commodity when you are building towards something big and of importance.  The energy is always in the moment, and when it is there and shining you must harness it.  When one harnesses that energy, the individual always reaps the rewards.  You can really apply this philosophy towards anything that is important in life.  These include and are not limited to projects, businesses, personal affairs and so much more!  Remember, even taking small steps is progress in the right direction.  You’ll definitely be stepping up your game! 


2. Become a “Creative” 

I believe artists really understand this philosophy more than anyone else.  If you are having trouble grasping this idea, just think like a creative.  Creatives understand when you are in the moment and the ideas are flowing, you keep on feeding that energy and don’t stop until you are done completing that idea you have from inside your head into actual existence.

Creatives also make up a large portion of the movers and shakers of the world.  They are the ones that force change and bring new ideas into existence.  Entrepreneurs that are creatives really make up the top percentage of the income bracket of the entire planet.  Just throwing it out there for you all!


Those Darn Shiny Objects!

I’ll be the first to tell you I have fallen victim to this many times in the past.  This is where things just keep on popping up in front of you that distract you from your goals.  This phenomenon is known as the shiny object syndrome.  In this day and age, the world just offers so much, which often times make you go, “Hmm… What if?!”  What if I go out and have fun just this one time? Or if you have wellness and fitness goals, you could ask yourself, “What if I have this glass of wine or beer just this one time?”  Whatever the circumstance entails, these are just setbacks that really detract you from your goals in the first place.

Just remember your reason for doing something in the first place!  Remember your objectives and keep on attacking your focus, in any circumstance do not deviate!  Do not let anything or anyone deter you on your journey towards something that means so much to you, whatever this may be for you.  The best is yet to come for you. 


So, what happens when you keep on feeding your focus?

1. Morale Goes Up

Most importantly, your personal morale just goes up to a whole new level!  The individual starts feeling really good about him or herself.  All of a sudden your goals have a whole lot of meaning, and you can actually see the light more brightly.  When one keeps putting things off, the person starts making justifications for the goals that were initially made.  When justifications are made over and over again, the luster gets dimmed & lost in the once very bright goal.  The energy starts dissipating.  When one keeps feeding their focus, a buffet of success is sure to be the result!


2. Self Respect is Achieved 

Your biggest critic should only be yourself.  If you can look in the mirror and know you have given yourself every opportunity to be successful, then you are well on your way towards getting whatever your heart desires from your efforts.  Once you have achieved maximum self-respect, not even a freight train of distractions can knock you off course!


Lets now revisit the dilemma you have on hand.  Your circle of friends has made these marvelous plans to end the week off.  Though these plans have all the shine you can handle to knock you off course, your resolve and determination to follow through on your dreams are way greater.  Keep on feeding that focus of yours!

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