This is a call to action! It is time for all to step up your game, even includes myself!  When was the last time you pushed yourself harder than you are used to?  Step back and think for a moment, and think of your goals and aspirations.  How bad do you want it?  Just close your eyes and imagine the inner sensations and the sheer joy of accomplishing that once elusive goal.  Imagine your close and loved ones sharing this joy with you.  Even thinking about it feels great, doesn’t it?  Well, the truth is, you surely deserve this for yourself!


1.  Effort & Work = Progress

All of these require effort and work, but once this pinnacle is reached you will feel great and have the satisfaction of achieving something that was once just a dream.  All you have to do is go and make steps towards this.

Think of Isaac Newton’s law of motion.  An object staying at rest remains staying at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion at a constant velocity unless acted by an outside force.  This law applies to us when we think of putting an effort towards something.  Everything we do, starts with small beginnings that get bigger and better with sustained effort.  Even small steps, is progress in the right direction.  The key is to jump!

2.  Become Successful,  Everyone Can Benefit From it

Let’s now take this a step further.  When you, yourself become successful, everyone benefits from your positive endeavors.  I’ll give an awesome example of this!  Let’s say you are marketer, and you help a business bring in more customers.  Now because of your efforts to help this business results in complete success, you solely enabled them to get out of debt. This business can go out and provide services to the many people in the marketplace that desperately need their expertise.  This expertise now has added value to their customer base.  That customer base that has just recently benefited, can in turn help their patrons.  It is a trickle down effect beyond our wildest imaginations!  We will never know how many people have been truly helped when we go out and do what we do.


3.  Thinking Beyond Yourself 

This philosophy entails a law of multiplication, and really can go towards anything and everything.  Whether you are a marketer, a Barista, and even a musician; we are all there to add value to people’s lives in some shape or form.  A barista making that coffee for you, can help you power through the rest of day.  That extra zing of energy maybe helped add value to whomever that individual touched.  A musician can help people that have worked all week finally relax in a performance to remember.  Who knows how that musician helped the many people in the audience recharge!

I really believe when you think beyond yourself magic happens!  All of a sudden, you are doing things genuinely to make others around you better.  When one constantly adds value to others, the universe rewards the one that is helping as well.

Step up your game, so you are able to help others more efficiently.  You’ll see results soon!


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