Imagine this…

Bill gates working on the first windows operating system, after several hours of working in his basement, saying, “This Windows thing isn’t quite working out, I’m going to work for someone else.”  Then the question would be, would we have powerful laptops and desktops today without the Windows operating system?

Michael Jordan after being cut off the Basketball team in High School, then deciding to take on Water Polo because it may be easier.

When Ford was developing the first ever Model T Car, and the frustrations of putting this innovative vehicle together… all of a sudden decides to go into the bicycle business!  Perhaps today we would all travel by bike…

“Just isn’t working out, right?”

When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he never thinks to himself:  “maybe this isn’t for me.”


To quit is the most moral deflating thing you can ever do in your life.  It is part of the journey to have a period where you are scratching and clawing to get things to go right!  Anything worthwhile will have it’s trials and tribulations.  Actually, when you are struggling, this is where you are preparing yourself for massive success.


Kumar has lost his mind! Right?


What I am saying here is really the key that will help put things in perspective for a lot of people.  The struggle is what will prepare you for the rest of your life.  It is like earning your badge in your whatever your endeavor is.  To earn that badge, you must go through the school of hard knocks & earn that right to fight on!



Next Level Thinking


Now I am going to put something out there, which may help you if you are struggling in any facet or form.  You must expect to struggle, if you want massive success!  This is great, because if you want to turn your life around, you now can expect this period of difficulty.  My advice is to learn to teach yourself to be patient, and to keep fighting through the pain and uncertainty.  We all have that inner “heart of a warrior” mentality!



Use this Knowledge Hard!


You can use what you now know to get what you need and want!  For example, if you are learning a new skill or a trade to make a better life for yourself, you now have an edge to get you towards your goal.  With this mindset, the anxiety for the unknown is now vanished.  Mentally, you now know what is coming at you with the peaks & valleys, and now you have the energy to just bust right through any uncomfortable hardships that may come.  All you are doing is treading the rough waters to get towards somewhere more calm!



Journey of a Lifetime



Anything new that you take on, whether it is professionally or in your personal life, should be approached with relaxed intensity.  Be serious, but also have fun with it!  When you are having fun while learning, this is when you are more likely to be successful.

Laugh off your mistakes, and build on your successes.  You will surely get to your desired outcome!



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