There’s a famous Chinese proverb that was as true back then, as it is today. As a matter of fact, this ancient proverb is more true than it has ever been! To know the road ahead, ask those coming back is a proverb implicating to ask or get advice from someone that has been there and done that. Similar ancient proverbs throughout history echo the same thing. There are many reasons for this, and I’ll hit on a few that come to mind.


There is No Substitution for Knowledge.

Knowledge is the number one intangible when it comes to getting from point A to point B for anything in life.  It also manifests itself in many ways.  A person knowing where to go when driving stems from experience.  An individual on the job or performing a trade for many years can always teach the newbies a few things.  While this a no-brainer for just navigating through life, this proverb really has deeper and more profound implications.

Just ask an individual who refused to take suggestions from another who is qualified.  Perhaps this individual could’ve avoided some major setbacks in his/her endeavor.  Being humble and hungry for knowledge is the fastest and most efficient way to learn to do anything.  Even if you think you know something 99%, it’s always a novel and humble idea to get feedback for just that 1%.  For example, “do you think this sounds right,” or “can I have your input on this.”  You can never go wrong with this ideology, it empowers everyone to be a part of the conversation.  It’s the reinforcement that is the key here, which supplants to whatever you may know about something.  It is just like making the foundation for a building even stronger!


To Gain a Few Notches in Life.

Today, to take up a trade or to learn something is quicker than it as ever been in the history of our world.  We have courses available online that are better than a lot of college classes out there! There are even subjects available online you will never find at a college.

I will quickly list a few ways you gain wisdom right now, and be just a bit wiser before you head to bed.

  1. YouTube
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Google
  5. forums
  6. Books
  7. And so many more ways!


Next time someone tells you they can’t do something, or don’t know, just go ahead & empower that person to find out & learn.  Anyone has the capability to get answers right away.  To get feedback in a snap, we now can “Google” just about anything and everything online.  You can get inspiration and wisdom through the many videos, blogs & webinars available on the internet. People all over the world are making a better life for their families and themselves just by diving into the resources found online.  People are becoming wealthy and making a fortune like never before.

The road to life has been already mapped out by many people already. I look at it this way, we live in a no excuses & no bullshit era.  I truly believe the answers to almost anything already exist and you just have to make an effort to obtain that for yourself.

Back in the ancient times & even before the internet era “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back” meant actually going out and finding that person or people. It was harder, required more effort,  but it was still possible.

Currently, “to know the road ahead” just requires having a smartphone or a laptop, and “to ask those coming back” is as simple as going on YouTube or even signing up for a course online. Being humble is truly an asset, that will really pay off in due time for you.

No Excuses.  You truly can make your life more fulfilling by being more humble & always seeking knowledge.


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