We all have them.  And all of them are manifested out of certain situations.  Mostly the desire NOT to do something.

Here is my definition of an excuse.  Ready?

An EXCUSE is a LIE you tell yourself to make yourself FEEL better.  So stop lying to yourself for momentary pleasure, because in the end you’ll actually feel like shit for not doing the very damn thing!  Now the rest of this blog post is the follow-up to this definition.  You can thank me later.

Sometimes when we don’t feel like doing something we make excuses.

Sometimes when we don’t want to confront something, we make excuses.  Perhaps because whatever it is, it could be hard!

This thing could be tedious. . .

We could go down the list, and the one common denominator is. . . (drum roll)                              It all takes extra EFFORT! When we don’t want to put forth an effort… boom! There is the excuse!

Here is one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever come across when it comes to addressing those inner demons of making excuses.  “We are being raised in a generation of people that come up with every excuse in the book as to why they are not winning.”

So there it is… that is the first step towards turning those damn excuses around.  You have to put forth an effort contrary to that excuse.  Now you are using those excuses as motivation.  Excuses can also be used as “feeling stuck.”

Think of it this way, feeling stuck is simply when something new is on the horizon.  New things at times elicit fear, fear then leads to excuses.

I also want to tell you something very cool.  All these excuses aren’t your fault.  It is the mechanism of our mind.  There are tons of research out there backing how this is so.  For some damn reason, we are all programmed to make these so, ehem, excuses.  So, why don’t we all solve this problem and turn it all around.  Making excuses makes us and those around us miserable.  This could be contributed to the lack of productivity and madness in our lives.  So rise above the environment you are in, and BE the contrary.

Give yourself permission to BE the change!

I found making excuses also lowers self esteem.  The people who make the most excuses unfortunately have a lower regard for themselves.  Individuals who go out and make things happen, despite having every reason to make an excuse, are living life at the highest level.  Achievers don’t even have the word “excuse” in their vocabulary.  High self esteem and morale comes strictly from the ability of not letting excuses dictate how or when the task in hand gets done.  Lets be honest here, if it is important to you, you will find a WAY.  If not, you will find an EXCUSE.

All of the top producers and go-getters in our world have mastered this art of destroying excuses.  The minute that excuse enters the mind, immediately that thought is squashed.  You can’t give that bug inside your head any light of day.  Yes, you just heard me call your excuses a bug.  I would like to formally introduce you to someone not so special, meet Burtha the excuse bug. 

Now every time you make an excuse, you’ll endearingly think of the not so wonderful      Burtha . . .

This bug is ugly, dirty and filthy and wanders inside your head.  Just squash the damn thing, so it won’t lay any more excuse eggs, will ya?!

Don’t let any excuse in any area of your life be the demise of your aspirations and dreams.  It just isn’t fair to you and those around you.  You must be stronger than your excuses!

Make that decision NOW and say goodbye to your excuses, once and for all!

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