You had a client meeting which you think went pretty well. The event saw both sides fulfilling a need and what was at first labeled as a “potential” in your mind, now is more of a sure thing. On the 11th hour, for some reason talks broke down on the deal and you are now back at square one. How do you bounce back from this disappointment?

You are training for a big marathon. The marathon is right around the corner, and you are nine months into your preparation and the unthinkable happens. During your run, on a turn, your knee gives out & you end up getting an ACL injury. Running the marathon now is out of the question, and you are now looking at about an 8-12 month rehab. The disappointment is overwhelming, so how do you get past this mentally and physically?


1.  Use Setbacks as an Empowering Tool 

No matter what the set back is that has occurred in your life, you can always use that to your advantage. Rather than letting it affect you emotionally and mentally, you can turn that around and just get on top of the problem. No, “letting it go” and “forgetting about it” almost never works. The truth is whatever the setback was, and trying to erase the experience from memory almost always manifests itself back in your life in different ways. Setbacks must be used as more of an educational or learning experience. We are so lucky, that we as people have the capability to make ourselves stronger through our downfalls. We can absorb a situation like a sponge and then find ways to become stronger. Whether the setback is physical or mental, whatever it is, we all are more than capable of transforming ourselves to becoming the best version of ourselves.


2.  Cherish the Process

Now, I’m not saying it is going to be easy. Anything that is worthwhile in life takes effort and it takes work. The nice thing is when you do put in the work, and you go through the pain to get to the point you want to get yourself to. . . You now know what it takes to really make it. Gone are the days when you took things for granted, and it is all about appreciating how far you have gotten.  It is important to cherish to process, this way we are enjoying the work it is taking to get to where we want.  You are now at the point where you have learned from that setback and have conquered.

I believe, after all, we owe it to ourselves and those that count on us, to fight on and show what sheer grit really is!

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