How is your attitude on a daily basis?  Does your day normally start with pessimism or optimism?  How you start your day could determine the difference between winning your day or loosing it all together.

One cool trick to ensure you win the next day is to plan and make goals before going to sleep.  This is all about mindset!  When making goals for your next day, you’ve literally made a blueprint for the upcoming day.  As you already know, we are all creatures of habit.  We all like to know what to expect.  Thus, making chaos and unstructured activities our enemy.  We feel great in the morning when we know what we must tackle for the day.  This all gives us a sense of purpose.  There is also a beam of energy when we have established habitual practices.  When having good habits, especially set before sleep, you are already on your way towards winning the next day.

Habits and attitude go hand in hand when winning.  I found when you have good habits for the day, your attitude would be pretty damn good.  You already know what you are doing, now it’s all about executing your days activities.  A winning attitude encompasses a positive mental mindset that starts from the minute you wake up.  When winning becomes a habit, there are absolutely no exceptions!  It’s the pursuit of excellence which one is after.  Vince Lombardi knew a thing or two about this subject.

The people that have the most optimism already know how to win.  These people excel in their day to day activities.  Winning becomes a habit and it becomes pretty easy.  The coolest thing about these types of people is that they exude an aura of confidence into others around them.

In addition, winners attract other winners.  I think this is the most important aspect of having a winning attitude.  Whether you are an entrepreneur that is networking to meet other like minded people, building your social circle, or even finding that special someone; being a winner helps attract like minded individuals.  Things tend to come a little easier to this type.

What if you aren’t just where you want to be in life?  Perhaps you are dealing with some setbacks in life… All you have to do is just go back to the drawing board and just get yourself to go where you want to be, one step at a time.  The critical element here is that you must take the time to write all of your goals down.  These goals must be super elaborate with deadlines, so you can hold yourself to be accountable to where you want to get to in life.  Being tough on yourself is a sure fire way to bring yourself into the winners circle.

I would also like to add, it is stupid fun to win baby! Setbacks become stepping stones to something even greater than one could imagine.  Winners brush off negativity like its nothing and use that experience to make them even stronger and wiser.  Life just becomes fun and obstacles become mere challenges that you’d simply hurdle over toward the finish line.  Each day becomes better and better and better!

I wish for all of you to become a winner so the world becomes your oyster!



    2 replies to "Winning is About Attitude"

    • I am glad that I visited your blog. I seesome things in a different light now. Motivation has never been aproblem to me, but sometimes perseverance can be. After reading your post I can now see that perseverance, or the lack of it can be seen as a setback and needs to be dealt with as such. Thanks for the pointers, I will return again soon.

      • Simply Kumar

        Perseverance is always a challenge, but I think if we can all program our minds to persevere better- we can really tackle any of the challenges presented to us! Thank for the great feedback and comment!

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